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Aloha! We're retired and love traveling...
so we got up and went!


We went…
To travel the world...
To sail the oceans...
To dive where there’s water, a reef, wall or wreck...
To explore the beauty of the world around us...
To dine and dance to a different tune just because it’s fun!

We went to enjoy our second life, to travel the world with our life companion, Niele the Curious Pug.
We both had fulfilling career lives, had a home in paradise, but always wanted to do more.
We wanted to spend the rest of our lives on a permanent honeymoon, to explore the world and see where our travels would take us.
We also wanted to share our adventures with everyone so they could see what a rich tapestry of life there is to enjoy around us.

We have enjoyed that life in small measure during our careers and realized our dream as we met and married later in life.
Posting and sharing our travels with friends and family have encouraged and inspired us to continue on our path of exploration.
We just enjoyed going so much, we got up and went!


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