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Already know where you want to go? Just need great deals to get there? Try booking with some of our trusted partners. It won't cost you a cent more, and we'll get a small commission for bringing you links to these companies which really helps us operate this site. Thank you for using this page. If there's anything you want and can't find, please let us know here.

Flights is one of the most popular flight booking sites online today. They can not only provide the best prices on your flights, they can provide great prices on popular accommodations. See what they have to offer by entering your information and dates below.
If you are traveling with a dog, as we usually are, we've had the best success with United Airlines and Delta. However, there are numerous dog friendly airlines, just do your homework before your book your flights.


Many times it's better to take a train, like in Europe or across several picturesque areas in North America. We've included a few helpful tools for planning your train adventures below.
Many trains allow dogs. Make sure you check the rules before booking your tickets.


Traveling by tour bus can be very relaxing and convenient. We've found the tour buses in the Americas, Europe, and Asia to be very comfortable and accommodating. Many assist with planning your entire trip.
Some buses in some countries allow dogs. Make sure you check the rules before booking.

Rental Cars

Once you get there, you might want to drive yourself. We usually do, although driving in every country is not for everyone, if you do love to drive yourself, we've put together some great car rental partners for you. And if you'd prefer a taxi, we've some top notch taxi companies for you.
We haven't found many rental car companies that allow dogs, unless they are service dogs. It's best to contact the company by phone before making your reservations. In addition, many destinations have enacted new laws regarding seat belts and containment for dogs in vehicles. We will post information as we find out more.
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